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Flaunt Magazine.

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[…]When Peters and I meet, four episodes have completed filming and there are seven more to tackle for the second season. Despite the laughter, Peters is anxious, definitely not relaxed. “Oh boy,” he says. “I just pray. I pray that it [the remainder of the season] is not too hard to do. Just make it easy!" Peters laughs his laugh once more, then talks about his other co-star, Paulson, and how they bond together on set, goading one another to crack up during intense scenes of both physical and emotional pain, while the other is off-camera, chuckling. "Her and I get tortured a lot, so we’re not that excited to come to work,” he explains. “We have to make it fun somehow. I mean, it’s not all a nightmare." [+]

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The article from the Flaunt Magazine (click for HQ).

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Evan in Flaunt Magazine (Nov.2012) Original

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6/6 Evan Peters for Flaunt Magazine (click for HQ)

5/6 Evan Peters for Flaunt Magazine (click for HQ)

4/6 Evan Peters for Flaunt Magazine (click for HQ)