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*do not remove the description*

  • Colored by me (and do not fucking repost them/post them in any other site).
  • It took me one fucking day to edit all of them and try to make it as better as I could. So PLEASE, do not repost them.
  • If anyone repost them, I won’t post any of this stuff anymore. Because it’s such a hard work, it tooks a lot of your time, and then you see other people taking credit for it, when it’s not theirs.
  • Credit for the originals to darkdhalia (here, here & here)

if I see anyone reposting them, I will block you.

I accidentally deleted the post, so, reposting.

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Shelley and Monsignor Timothy O’Hara (fan made)

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Leo and Teresa (fan made)

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Dr. Thredson and Sister Eunice (fan made)

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Dr. Arden and Lana (fan made)

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Kit and Sister Jude (fan made)

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All the Evan Peters photoshoot colorings I’ve made. Yeah, I tagged them and resized them because I know some people from here save them and repost them. 

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colored by me. (more)

They look different than the ones I colored yesterday, part because I didn’t save the psd and part because the original ones look brighter.

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two more ^^

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