Evan Peters at the Golden Globes

I’m sorry I’m in the mood to dictate.

Interviewer: So you’re nominated, your television show, American Horror Story nominated for best drama series tonight?

Evan: Er…yeah

Interviewer: So how is like getting into that Lycra suit, is it like a really difficult maneuver?

Evan: Uh, it’s not that bad, just get some, um…some lube, lube up your body and then um, slip it on and hope it stays on. 

Interviewer: Have you ever worked with a show that’s dealt with so much blood, and uh, a lot of like, violence - was that new for you?

Evan:…I was really psyched and all that, cuz’ I like dealing with all the blood and all that weird stuff like that, like um - murder, killing…stuff like that…it’s fun.

Interviewer: The show has a very shocking season end, we’re not sure whose coming back for Season 2, have you heard any hints on maybe your character coming back and going to continue maybe a haunted new resident?

Evan: We don’t know anything, we’re going to find out next month when Murphy gives us a call to tell us what’s the story.

Interviewer: you’ve worked with some great actors and actresses on the show, is there any advice like Dermot Mulroney or any of the cast had given you when you kind of came in and started rehearsals? [OK THIS INTERVIEWER MAKE A MISTAKE- dermot mulroney IS NOT EVEN IN AMERICAN HORROR STORY - HE MEANT dylan mcdermott - Evan didn’t even spot this - probably too confused]

Evan: Any advice?…Uh…Dylan…Dylan goes: “See how I’m always elevating the writing, see how I’m always elevating the writing,” I was like, okay, I think it’s a good idea, trying to elevate the writing…so yeah.

Interviewer: Who are you looking forward to meeting tonight here?

Evan: Uhm…I want to meet Owen Wilson. I love Owen Wilson man, I think he’s the coolest guy in the….

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